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Terms & Condition

The GreaTisT Music Group

Terms of Service


What will the GreaTisT Music terms consist of?

The GreaTisT Music terms on which products will be supplied to you

Why should the user read these terms?

These terms are to be read very carefully before any user places an order. By reading these terms you will get a general idea of who we are, how we will render our services to you, how the contract between us will either end or change, what steps are to be taken in case there is a problem or any other important information.

Information About GreaTisT Music:

We are The GreaTisT Music Group Ltd Co, a company that is located in Georgia.

How To Contact Us:

You may contact us at [email protected].

How may we contact you?

If the company deems fit to contact you, we will do it either by telephone or via email.

The Word Writing:

Whenever the word writing is used it also includes emails.


  • How will your orders be accepted?

The acceptance of your order will take place when you receive a confirmation email; from that point on the company and the user will have entered into a contract.

  • What happens if the order cannot be accepted?

If the company is unable to accept the order you will be informed at the same time, and you will not be charged for the product(s). The reason for which the order was not accepted was either the product was out of stock, because of certain limitations on your resources, or because an error has been identified either in the price or the description of the product. However, the company doesn’t have the obligation to explain the reasons to reject and order. 

  • Order number:

You will be assigned an order number. You will be informed about such number once the order has been accepted. The main reason for such a number is to help identify your order in case you have any questions regarding it.


  • Products might be slightly different from the pictures:

The images that will appear on our website will only be for illustrative purposes and are in no way used to depict how the product actually is. Every effort is made to ensure that the color of the product is accurate to that in real life but such colors may vary because a device display may not entirely show or reflect what the color is actually like. The product may slightly be different from the images.

  • Products packing:

The packing of the product may be different from what is shown in the images.


You have every right to make changes to the order that you have placed. Any time before the product is sent, you may contact us for such a query and you will be informed if your requested changes are possible or not. If the changes are possible you will be informed regards to the price of the product or the timing or any other changes that will be necessary in order to accept the request and you will be asked if you wish to continue with the changes.


Minor changes in the product can be made in the product in order to reflect the change in the relevant law and in order to implement any minor and technical adjustments or any improvements that are needed.


  • Delivery cost:

The cost of delivery will be displayed to you on the website when ordering our product.

  • When will the products be provided?

When the order process takes place, you will be informed about the delivery time.

  • Delay in the supply of the products:

If any delay occurs in the supply of the products to you that is not in the hands of the company, the company will not be liable for such delay. You will be contacted regarding such a delay and what steps can be taken by us in order to minimize the effect of the delay..

  • Collection by you:

We do not encourage or have any policy to allow you to collect products yourself; it will be delivered to you at the provided address.

  • If you are not home when the product arrives:

Incase either you or anyone is not available at your address during the delivery of your order and either you do not arrange for a redelivery or collect from your local depot you will be contacted by us for further instructions and you may be charged for storage costs and any other charges that are incurred by the company.

  • Your rights if the product is delivered late:

You have a right if we deliver the product late or the deadline is not met then you may treat the contract as end if any of the following occur.

  1. If we refuse to deliver a product
  2. If the delivery of the product was essential in the deadline
  3. If your order had specified that the delivery is essential within a specified time.

In case you do not want to end the contract, you can give a new deadline for the delivery of the product, which has to be reasonable after which if still the deadline is not met on our part you have the right to treat the contract as terminated.

  • When the product becomes your responsibility:

The product shall become your responsibility from the time it is delivered to you.

  • When will you have ownership of the product:

You will have complete and undisputed ownership of the product once you have made the payment in full.

  • Certain information that is required:

The company may require certain information from you so that they are able to deliver the products to you. If you do not provide us with the information on time or provide incorrect or inaccurate information such contract will be deemed to have been void and shall be terminated. The company will not be responsible if the product or any part of it has been supplied late or not delivered at all because of the incorrect information provided.

  • Right to suspend supply of products:

The company has the right to suspend the supply of products, and will not be held responsible if any of the following occur:

  1. If the company has to deal with minor technical changes or problems.
  2. In case relevant change in the law takes place.
  3. Changes made to the product either suggested by you or that has been notified by us to you.


  • Your right to end a contract:

Will depend on what you have purchased or ordered, whether there is anything wrong with your order, how the company is performing and when you decide to end the contract.

  1. You have the right to end the contract if the product that you have ordered turned out to be faulty.
  2. You have the right to end the contract if there is something that has been done on our part.
  3. You have the right to end the contract if you have just changed your mind but subject to the fact that you must be in the cool off period of the contract and is subject to deduction and you will have to pay any costs that are incurred for the return of the products. For this to take place the product must be returned in the same condition that it was received and should keep its tags and package.
  • Ending the contract because of something we have done:

If you are ending the contract for the reason that we have done something. The contract will end immediately, and we will refund you in full as compensation.

  • When you don’t have the right to change mind:
  1. Any products that have been sealed for hygiene purposes and have been removed from the sealed packaging.
  2. Any items that have been mixed in such a way that they are inseparable after the time of delivery.
  3. The product has been damaged while in your possession.


  • Inform us you want to end the contract:

If you want to end the contract with us. You may do so by letting us know either by call or by email.

  • Return of the products after ending contract:

If in case, you end a contract and afterwards you do receive the product you must return the product immediately. They must be returned to us either in person or by post.

  • When will we pay costs of return:
  1. The company will pay the costs of return if the product is faulty.
  2. If you are ending the contract because we have told you about an upcoming change to the product or the terms or an error in the price or any delay that occurs that is not in the hands of the company or as a result of something that we have done.
  • How will you get a refund:

We will refund you the price that you have paid for the product including the delivery charges through the payment method that you have selected.

  • Deduction if you are exercising your right to change mind:
  1. If there is any reduction in the value of the product we may reduce the refund payment, if it has been found that you have handled the product in a manner that was not permitted or later after the refund has been paid and we come to known about the mishandling of the product you must pay us the amount you owe.
  2. The maximum cost of the delivery costs will be the costs of the delivery by the least expensive delivery method we offer.
  • When will the refund be made:

The refunds will be made as soon as possible.


  • We may end the contract if you break the terms of contract:

We may end the contract at any time if you do not follow the terms and conditions or breach any of the clauses of the terms and conditions at any time.

  1. If the payment is not made within due time and you still do not make any payment even after 7 days of reminding you.
  2. If you do not in reasonable time provide us with the information that we need.
  3. If you do not allow us to deliver you the product in reasonable time.
  • You must compensate the company:

If we end the contract by reasons mentioned above in a, b and c you will be refunded, only if you have paid in advance for the product that you have not received yet, but we may deduct some money or charge a net cost for the changes that we will incur for the above mentioned reasons.



  • How you must inform us about the problem:

You must inform us about any problems or questions related to your problem by our contact e-mail: [email protected].

  • Summary of your legal right:

The company is under legal duty to supply you with the products that are in conformity with the contract made.

3.Your duty to return rejected products:

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