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  1. All About The Benjamins Freestyle - OSS Ebonix 1:25
  2. Da Rockwilder Freestyle - OSS Ebonix 1:34
  3. Magic Freestyle EBONIX 1:45
  4. Spread EBONIX 1:49
  5. Memory Lane EBONIX 2:31
  6. Beloved EBONIX 2:33
  7. Psycadelic EBONIX 2:03

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The project attempts to close the generational gap by enabling both fans of vintage...


Born in Baltimore, MD, raised in Bridgeport, CT, EBONIX is coming to shake up the music scene. Being “fluidly laminated” as she says, her words are full of energy, motivation, flagrant but yet very promising. “EBONIX is a way of life.. a culture!” Her words are heartfelt, pain powered and inspiring.

EBONIX shares her life in her songs from a self-reflective space. ” I’m on a journey experiencing life, and I’m just trying to tell it my way.. It is more than just words, I have a message.” True to her artistry, EBONIX is a songwriter, that sings and raps, and she’s coming to reshape, alter, and revive the game one bar at a time. EBONIX had very humble beginnings, that were circled by a hard life, so at 5 she began singing in church. “I have always been naturally gifted, and extremely standoffish, even as a child. I wouldn’t speak to much, but I carried a notebook with me EVERYWHERE!” EBONIX love for music grew and grew, but her first love has always been poetry. Performing at spoken word events, and just writing, it became a safe space for the artist. The older EBONIX got the more her writing shifted and at 11, she wrote her first hook, and began doing music with SPECIES ENT; her family’s label. After highschool, EBONIX migrated back to baltimore, after a few years, she left and went back to Bridgeport to pursue college, which didn’t last too long. EBONIX would soon return to Baltimore, in order to chase her dreams. Returning home, EBONIX (Formally EBONYY of TNB) had her first real experience, in the music game. Facing her booth fright, she was introduced to WALLERBOI, the man that showed EBONIX the true way of finding herself. Starting as a songwriter with TNB, EBONIX realized that after her first performance, that she wanted more. ” I thank WALLERBOI for taking the chance on me, like I know business wise it didn’t work, but I swear the love and lessons has always and still is to this day, some of the realest conversations I have. I am grateful for him and that experience… It helped shape me into who I am, and I will forever love him for that.” Steadily moving forward, EBONIX outlook on things and how she actively seeks progress, explains why she is always writing. ” Growth is my biggest desire.”, with that being said, EBONIX has and still is working her way up and now she is OFFICIALLY the First Lady of TGMG!!! Baltimore’s very own!!

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